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Tom Zulawski, CEO of ZDesign.

The renowned leadership team at ZDesign doesn’t just offer design expertise; they bring over 20 years of high-end construction experience. With backgrounds in construction, architecture, project management, and interior design, the team creates an unparalleled project experience that exemplifies sophistication and quality. Guided by Tom Zulawski’s visionary touch, each project represents the pinnacle of refined living, ensuring an exceptional level of elegance and distinction.


ZDesign is a leading interior design firm in Palm Beach, extending its expertise to clients throughout South Florida, New York, California, and beyond. Specializing in residential, commercial, architectural, and hospitality projects, ZDesign delivers recognized excellence across these diverse domains. From inception to completion, the firm oversees every aspect of the design journey, from intricate architectural details to crafting spaces of unmatched beauty. Committed to clients’ satisfaction, ZDesign honors deadlines and upholds promises, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience every step of the way, which has earned the firm awards and worldwide recognition.


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